This week I launched Sorta! It’s kind of still prototype-y, but a lot more flexible and expandable than my first test. I’ve got four quizzes so far, the original MCU one, Star Wars, Harry Potter books, and Pixar films.

I’m still working on a plan to make quizzes discoverable from the homepage, and make some sort of process for either recommending or making your own quiz. I’m also hoping to at least find a way to have it pay for itself, which at the current rate of traffic is about $10/month.

But it is fun to finally be taking this idea to some sort of execution, even if it’s a little different than the original vision. The term “quiz” doesn’t feel quite right for these, but I haven’t figured out a noun that fits better.

I’d love to hear if anybody has more ideas to pass along, and thanks for the feedback from the MCU quiz. It really encouraged me to keep building.

June 2, 2018 at 1:35 pm

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