I finally gave in.. to exercise. I’ve started running every morning (weekdays). Before you get too impressed, I wanted to start small. So I’m only running 10 minutes every morning, but it has already been making a difference. I’ve noticed a little more energy throughout the day, but more than anything it seems to have increased my motivation to do get other things done as well. It has definitely been worth the minimal time and effort.

If you, as I, have also been a lazy slob, and put off exercising, stop it. Don’t try to do something overboard. Trust me, you’re much better off exercising 10 minutes a day for the rest of your life than trying to start up some ridiculous exercise routine for two weeks at the beginning of each year, and giving up because it’s too hard. Just do it. (This blog and its author have no affiliation with Nike, Inc.)

January 30, 2008 at 8:41 am

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