plaintext with dropbox syncing, the new killer feature

PlainText – Dropbox text editing is yet another text app that recently found it’s way onto the App Store. Dropbox1 syncing might not seem like a big enough deal to put in the name of an app, but it might just be the new killer feature.

PlainText presents you the option to pick a “Linked Folder” to place in Dropbox that it will use for syncing all your text documents. Any new files or folders you create in the app utilize this as if it were the root directory. Your text is now shared with all your Dropbox accessible devices. But what makes it really shine? Folder sharing.

For a while I’ve wanted to have a text service to share notes with my fiancĂ©. We could share a single SimpleNote account, but we’d be sharing lots of unnecessary notes that aren’t relevant to both of us. With PlainText and Dropbox this is really simple. All we had to do was make a shared folder and store it under each of our directories that are linked to PlainText.

Now we have a folder to put our shared text files. Any changes we make get synced with each other seamlessly. In the rare event that file collisions occur, Dropbox is already set to handle things smoothly. We can freely share and collaborate with wedding plans, grocery lists, notes full of <3<3<3's and :D :D :D's. What's more, we could each have similar shared folders with any of our friends, groups, teams from work, etc. This becomes a wildly valuable way to share information.

Dropbox folder sharing is an incredible low-level feature, and I think apps that use Dropbox for syncing data are going to see a huge value added bonus from this kind of functionality.

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October 13, 2010 at 1:33 pm

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