pixel resolution

Earlier today I became curious about the pixel density on the iPad. I ran some numbers of today’s Mac product line.

Device Pixels Per Inch
iPhone 165
17” MacBook Pro 133
iPad 132
13” MacBook Pro 113
15” MacBook Pro 110
27” iMac 109
21.5” iMac 102

The iPad compares favorably for pixel density with the entire Mac lineup. The iPhone is definitely ahead of the pack, and it shows in the smoothness of rendered text.

There is an important note for developers to remember, especially before you have your hands on the device. Any given graphic on the iPhone will already appear with more than 1.5 times the physical area in 2 dimensions when it’s displayed on the iPad. So they will already be easier to touch, for what it’s worth.

February 5, 2010 at 3:23 pm

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