photo stream deletion

After iOS 5.0 dropped in October I wrote about some glaring issues with Photo Stream that I had assumed would have been fixed when 5.0 came out of beta:

  1. It makes the assumption that every picture taken or saved, along with all your screen grabs, deserves a place in the cloud.
  2. Given that assumption, it still provides no way to delete those one-off images individually from the stream.

I’m happy to say as of 5.1 this is finally addressed. You can now delete photos from your Photo Stream which will propagate to all your connected devices. Photo Stream is far more useful having the ability to delete files.

One small caveat, this appears to only be true of Photo Stream images taken after installing 5.1. Deleting older images from my iPhone alerted me that the file would only be deleted from “the Photo Stream on this iPhone”. I decided to make a clean break and delete my entire stream using the iCloud web interface.

March 12, 2012 at 1:50 pm

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