life photo archive and more

Google images is now hosting millions of photos from the LIFE magazine archives. There are photos that go far into the past, even some of the earliest photos from before 1800. Anyways, this is quite a cool resource to check out some photos from a long time ago. I haven’t taken many pictures since the last ones I have posted, but we should have our new house “presentable” soon. I’ll be taking some pictures around the house, and I will probably take a bunch on Thanksgiving. Soon enough I will be able to share those with you.

I’m excited that Jerry, Sam, and two more of their friends from school are coming out to visit around the second weekend of December. We are going to do some fun things while they’re out here, so I should have some new stories to share when they come.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you don’t hear from me again this week.

November 24, 2008 at 6:57 pm

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