how to send a mass email

It’s true that I’ve been quite vocal on the topic of hating junk email, forwards, and the like. However, there are definitely times where it’s appropriate to send out an email to a wide audience. Perhaps you’re delivering a schedule, or changing plans for an event you are in charge of.

Realizing that some people might want to keep their email confidential, you should make use of the Bcc: field for the address list. This stands for blind carbon copy, and it sends the email to a recipient just like the To: field except their address isn’t visible to anyone else receiving the message. Also, people will be viewing the emails on many very different machines across Macs/PCs/Phones not to mention a variety of browsers.

Keep your messages simple, so they are most likely to be readable to everyone. Avoid colored text and images, and stick with the default font for whatever email program or webmail site that you’re sending email from. Having a mailing list for a lot of people is a big responsibility, use it wisely :)

Update: My Dad reminded me that you should always be conscious when sending emails to large groups of people that they can often be flagged as spam. Make sure you check the restrictions for your email service about how many people you can send to.

February 12, 2009 at 6:45 am

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