friend requests

Have you heard of this ‘facebook’ thing? It’s a site for you to keep up with your network of friends while you’re online. The problem is sometimes you get this request to confirm friendship from someone, and you aren’t quite sure who it is.

There are two things that frequently prevent me from ‘accepting’ a friend request. Number one, if your profile picture doesn’t have your face in it, I have a significantly lesser chance of being able to identify you. Secondly, if we’ve never had a conversation face to face, chances are we might not have much to talk about online either. I really want to keep a network of people I have some meaningful connection to, because to me that’s what social networking is all about.

I’m not saying these should be part of everyone’s criteria for accepting friends, but they’re two of the things that I pay attention to.

February 3, 2009 at 9:49 pm

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