changes ’round here

You may have noticed that I’ve been drizzling in some updates to the site recently, the biggest of which has been giving the site a new identity. I feel like I’ve been having more to write about lately surrounding technology, mainly Apple stuff. My previous charles’ blog ‘branding’ was never a good idea, just something I defaulted to when I couldn’t think of anything better. I wanted to make sure that people who stopped by the site weren’t driven away by the fact that it looked very much like a personal blog. I think it could be a valuable read for people interested in technology, and I didn’t want to be driving them away at the homepage (which is what my analytics data suggested was happening).

I’ve also cleaned up the site even further. There are some navigation icons at the top that let me simplify things quite a bit. The about page now has links to other places to connect with me online. Before, this was the main functionality of the footer, which is now just the copyright notice. The archive page seems like an easier and more permanent way to browse old content, and it allowed me to remove the default expression engine pagination that I was never happy with (yes, that is a preposition at the end of this sentence). I also removed my dedicated photo page. I wasn’t using it nearly as much as I had planned, and so it seemed most logical just to pull the photos into the main content of the blog.

Hopefully the site is more functional now. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and thanks for reading.

April 16, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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