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Quite a few folks have been writing about writing recently. I blame Shawn Blanc. But it’s brought to the surface something I’ve been trying to rationalize for a while, the pressure to blog more.

To one person writing is about sharing a personal passion. Another is working for his livelihood. Someone else enjoys having a channel of creative release. And perhaps most common but least esteemed, a fourth person writes to garner attention.

Actually, all people who write have a complex hierarchy of these reasons and motivations and priorities. Whether we have each laid out our hierarchy explicitly or not, it exists. As with any pursuit, knowing the why behind your writing is crucial in establishing its place in your life.

Most of my favorite writers tend to blog frequently, many of them multiple times daily. Their experience might be why I’m drawn to their work. In many cases, I don’t know the impetus behind their writing. It’s likely that they can enumerate a list of reasons and motivations and priorities that invite such a regular pace, but I can’t.

I’m a blogger primarily because it’s fun. From time to time I have an idea. Maybe I think it’s an original thought. Perhaps I believe I can communicate an old idea in a way that other people can’t. Other times I just like contributing to a current conversation. Whatever it is, inspiration strikes, and I have a blog as an outlet.

After years of blogging casually, and having jumped from zero to mild on the attention scale once or twice lately, I have begun to feel pressure to write more. It’s probably from rubbing shoulders with more bloggers, and getting some positive feedback. However, after due consideration, I don’t plan to yield to the pressure.

There are loads of activities that I love to give time and attention. Writing is one among a very long list. Truth be told, it isn’t all that near the top. Not because it isn’t valuable, but because that’s where it belongs for me. That’s where it sits in my hierarchy. I’ll continue to write when inspiration arrives, but I’m going to write at my own pace. In the end, even though the attention feels nice sometimes, I don’t want to be that fourth person.

If I go a few days without posting, don’t worry. I haven’t gone missing. I hope when I do write, it’s something worthwhile to read, but that’s really for you to decide.

February 16, 2011 at 4:52 pm

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