My trip to Hawaii is going quite well. I’ve had a relaxing time so far. I’ve posted some pictures that you can check out, but I’ll give you some backstory so you can try to piece together what they’re from. Saturday afternoon I landed in Honolulu with a short stop-over prior to my flight to Kauai. There was a beautiful courtyard garden with quite a variety of foliage. Since I had some time before my flight I took the opportunity to snap some photos. When I got to the Lihue airport Dan picked me up in his blue Ford pickup and we drove up to his place in Kilauea. We walked out back through the yard to what was just about all I needed to see. Right out back is a picnic table in some nice shade overlooking a valley with a beautiful waterfall at the bottom (I’m going to try not to use many adjectives from now on; you can insert beautiful, gorgeous, and breathtaking just about anywhere in these descriptions). Dan usually travels with his ukulele (ook, not yuke) pretty close by, and so island music is almost always at hand. We took a bike ride down to the bakery to pick up some pizza dough for dinner. The evening was pretty quiet.

Sunday morning we got up at around 7:30 after my morning reading and had some granola for breakfast and went out to do some surfing Hanalei. I took some video footage of Dan which I’ll try to edit and post up sometime after I get home. Afterwards, I took a few tries at it myself on Dan’s long board which were only semi-successful, but fun nonetheless (I think I’ll have a few more chances to take a stab at it). Then we drove around and stopped at some scenic points as we waited for the order we called in to the best burger place on the island to be made (best bleu cheeseburger ever). We rounded off the rest of the day at a birthday party for Dan’s friends MJ and Paul at a mansion at which one of their friends is a caretaker. I haven’t even been here two days, and already have had quite a vacation. I’ll be sure to let you know more soon.

June 4, 2007 at 1:21 pm

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