no more ads

Do you use Firefox? If not, you should, and if you want to know why I’ll tell you. Extensions. Firefox isn’t the fastest browser in the world (Safari is, but it’s close), but it has been the most solid that I’ve used to date. It has an excellent set of extensions. This one I just found blocks ads.

The ads just don’t download (which makes loading pages faster), and you don’t have to see them. Just blank spaces where all the ads used to be. There are a few exceptions. Many sites might host their own ads, but it allows you to block those the first time you see them as well. Just install the linked plugin, and when you restart Firefox it will ask you what list you want to subscribe to (these are lists of ads to block which people maintain). Just pick the first list (EasyList), and almost all the graphical ads you used to see will be history. So, if you are as sick of seeing offensive ads as I am, this is a good solution. Use it.

June 19, 2007 at 1:59 pm

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