home for the holiday

Don’t you mean home for the holidays? Nope. Because I don’t have an abundance of time off, I’ll be heading home for New Years, but not Christmas. This will make two years in a row that I won’t have been home for Christmas. That’s far too many. But I will be home December 29th, for two weeks. It’s about time too. If you’ve noticed that I’m not blogging as much, there is a reason for it. I don’t use the internet as much. Seems simple enough. I have been keeping myself busy, but I love it.

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A new Mario game comes out next week, but I’m not sure I’ll get it right away. I’m trying to adjust to the idea that I shouldn’t just buy everything I want even if I can. I’m going to have to write Mario into my budget. Which is fine, because right now I wouldn’t have lots of time to play anyways. It appears I’ve run out of things to say.

[End Communication]

November 7, 2007 at 6:21 pm

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