don’t fear 2012

An article just came out on Slashdot about NASA stepping in to calm peoples’ fears concerning the latest disaster film, 2012. It might sound quite humorous, but what I find a little disturbing is how frightened some people actually are. Here is a quote from NASA scientist David Morrison on questions he’s receiving from people:

I’ve had three from young people saying they were contemplating committing suicide. I’ve had two from women contemplating killing their children and themselves. I had one last week from a person who said, “I’m so scared, my only friend is my little dog. When should I put it to sleep so it won’t suffer?” And I don’t know how to answer those questions.

It’s sad to see people pushed into a frenzy over a movie, and not a very good one from what I hear.

November 17, 2009 at 11:55 am

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