about me

My name is Chuck Skoda. I’m married to the gorgeous Caitlin Jean, the finest person I know, and well out of my league. We have three wonderful children, and a Shiba Inu named Poppy. I’m currently working as an engineer at Wizard. Previously, I developed video games at 5TH Cell where we created the Scribblenauts franchise among others. I’m originally from the Chicago area, but moved to Seattle in August 2002 to study at DigiPen.

Technology is one of my principal interests. I’ve been using Apple computers since my Dad picked up a Macintosh Plus circa 1987/88, and I generally consider my iPhone to be the best computer I own. If you are interested in any type of geeky pursuit, I’m sure we’d have something to talk about.

I’ve had some type of blog for a number of years. It started as a place to keep my family and friends updated while away at school. Today, it’s mostly a home for my thoughts about chocolatey technology. This is where I give a shout-out to Homestar Runner, from whom I stole the name for the site. And just for the record, I don’t say anything here on behalf of anyone but myself.

see you around

Thanks for stopping by. I’m most active online on mastodon if you want to say hi. If you have Instagram, I’m @skoda there. You could also try and send me an email, but you can’t quite count on a snappy response there. I hope you’ve had a pleasant stay.

God Bless,

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