my name is chuck skoda

This Instagram photo inspired me to find a fun anagram for my name.

I took to Google and found a site that deals in multi-word anagrams. “Chuck Skoda” wasn’t long enough to come up with too many interesting anagrams, so I looked at “My name is Chuck Skoda.” The results were pretty funny. Here are some of my favorites:

A Musky Machined Sock
Chammy Issued A Knock
“Chammy, Suck A Doeskin.”
A Kind Musk, My Coaches
Smacked A Music Honky
Yum, A Monks Disk Cache
Kinda Musky Mecca Hos
Kens A Machismo Ducky
I Chanced A Smoky Musk
“Dickey, Hack A Summons!”
Hmm, A Cocaine Dusk Sky
A Musky Kids Comanche

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