Our newest app just went live on the App Store. ColorView is a utility to let you quickly record colors using your iPhone camera.

Simple. Fun. There’s not much to say beyond that.

let your worlds collide

Unfortunately, you need to prepare to engage in some of the mess if you want to make a difference in the world. You have to let go of your control, become vulnerable to all sorts of circumstances that make you uncomfortable because you’re not sure what will happen next or what people will do to you or expect from you — yikes.

My awesome brother Ben, on getting messy and helping people.

apple has users

Usage statistics are far from proportional to sales and activation statistics. iOS users use more WiFi, generate more web traffic, and even make Google more money than Android users. Even considering similar iOS and Android platform adoption.

Despite outperforming industry growth for more than 20 quarters, Macs still represent a tiny portion of the PC industry relative to the success of iOS. Yet anecdotally, easily more than half of the laptops I see being used “in the wild” are Macs. This would seem to suggest that Mac customers are using their computers far more than their Windows counterparts as well viagra 100 preisvergleich.

Apple is a leader in building devices that people use.

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