tagboard search

Today at Tagboard we pushed our beta search utility live! It’s a place to view an aggregate of hashtags across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and App.net.

It’s merely one piece of the puzzle, but we’ve been having fun with it. Check it out and let us know what you think!

nintendo power magazine to cease publication

This is a sad bit of news, but not entirely unexpected. It’s been more than a decade since I considered a magazine to be a good source of news concerning video games. On top of which, the traditional console and handheld gaming market is increasingly being overshadowed by iPhone/iPad offerings.

I first heard about DigiPen, my alma mater, in an issue of Nintendo Power (the one with the Virtual Boy on the cover). It was subsequently the reason I moved out to Seattle.

It’s sad to see you go Nintendo Power, but thanks for the good times.


I’m pleased to announce that I have accepted a position at Tagboard, a young startup building new tools to facilitate real-time conversation. The team is passionate, dedicated, and fixed on skating to where the puck is going to be. I couldn’t be happier about this new role, and look forward to collaborating on some exciting new products.

Expect to see cool things from us shortly. Keep tabs on the latest happenings on Twitter.

flip’s escape

Shaun Inman’s latest Flip’s Escape – The Last Rockect Side Story was released today. No brainer. Buy it now.

twitter clients, farewell

Twitter just put some hefty limits on developers. Third party clients like Tweetbot can no longer grow beyond 200% of the users they currently have. That may seem like a lot, but it’s not. It’s a fixed point down the road beyond which they can’t grow, or make money. They’ve been effectively rendered unprofitable by Twitter.

Here is something I wrote a few months back about the Facebook IPO. Just a few bracketed changes make it pretty relevant to the discussion about Twitter today.

Someone could be building something right now, in secret, that could obsolete [Twitter]. Software is ‘soft’ for a reason, it can change fast. [Twitter] could easily get overtaken by an upstart. Why do you think they’re so eager to [push out] anything that resembles competition? Remember when MySpace was a behemoth? Everyone forgot about MySpace in a short span of months. Microsoft and Apple have endured as software companies because of the complex and substantial connection they have to hardware platforms. The software behind [Twitter] is not quite trivial, but don’t forget, there are other smart kids in college dorms all over the place.

The idea that Twitter is a behemoth that can’t be overtaken is shortsighted. They shouldn’t be afraid of upstarts, but not because upstarts aren’t threatening. The reason they shouldn’t be afraid is that they should already be pushing toward what’s next. They should have a vision for what the future of communicating and sharing looks like, and be building it.

But from the looks of it, they aren’t. They’re just trying to protect what they’ve already built. That’s always a losing position… Always.


wifi and cellular sitting in a tree

The iPhone not happily handling transitions between WiFi and cellular networks has bugged me forever. Something I’ve mentioned (complained about) before:

The iPhone always assumes a WiFi connection is faster than cellular, which makes for a terrible experience when that assumption is false.

Thankfully The Verge reports that Apple has included a feature in the latest beta to alleviate this problem.

the latest beta of iOS 6 contains a new “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” networking option that will allow apps to automatically fall back to a 3G connection if Wi-Fi proves unresponsive

I couldn’t be happier that they’ve acknowledged this problem, which I run into multiple times daily. Now to find out if it really works.
(Hat Tip: Sean Sperte)

new hobbit trailer

Hot on the heels of Comic Con and the subsequent announcement that the Hobbit will indeed be split into a trilogy, there is a new trailer out. Not a terrible amount of new footage, but there are a few interesting clips.

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