Cargo-Bot is a recent game on the App Store. Notable for being the first shipping game programmed on the iPad using Codea, this game actually presents some very fun challenges. It simulates programming at a very simple level, but the puzzles get complicated fast. If you make your way into the hard levels and can still make heads or tails of what is happening, you might want to consider a career in mathematics, or at least computer science.


Paper by FiftyThree has been so much fun over the last few weeks, it’s definitely worth your time. I’m not the greatest artist, but I’ve made a tumblr account to post my drawings just to have a place for them. I’m loving watching their #MadeWithPaper hashtag.

the worst

The worst thing I expect of Google is that they will misappropriate my private information for their gain.

The worst thing I expect of Microsoft is that they will fail to capture my attention.

The worst thing I expect of Apple is that they will keep making things so compelling, that I can’t help but give them money.

iphone wallpapers made with paper

Some epic iPhone wallpapers by Shawn Blanc <a href="http://madewithpaper preis von”>#MadeWithPaper.

imessage and instant messages deserve different apps

Totally agree with Ben’s sentiments on Dan Moren’s post:

iMessage is great and so is IM, and they are two very different communication methods, BUT one is the future and one is the past.

Out with the old.

apple business theater

A number of years ago someone linked to some handy shortcut here for the Mac, and I check back every once in a while. They have some interesting tips from time to time, and I wonder why they don’t have consumer oriented videos like this.

I must say however, that I disagree with their suggestion for sending text or email templates. You should obviously use Canned and Canned Mail for this type of thing.

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