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how to perfectly reheat pizza

After ages of reheating pizza in the microwave out of laziness, I finally switched to the oven a few years back. Who knew there was an even better way?


Mixel, a social collage making app for iPad (that sounds weird doesn’t it), is out for free on the App Store. It turns out the weird idea is actually simple and fun, and it gets those creative juices flowing. It is very reminiscent for me of playing with Kid Pix.

imessage followup

After posting my concerns with the group messaging issues in iMessage, I posted a bug report to Apple. I marked it as a security bug, because it’s an issue with regards to privacy.

Apple Product Security emailed me a response yesterday to let me know they’re aware of the problem, and are addressing it. Good to hear them acknowledge the issue. Here’s hoping it gets fixed in the forthcoming update.

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