pointing a telescope at nothing

Hope you don’t mind the space posts. This video should truly make you humbled at the simple fact that you’re alive.

an astronaut’s eye view

These are some of the more breathtaking pictures I’ve seen of the earth, taken from the International Space Station.

tricky touchdown

This unorthodox play yields a 67 yard touchdown for a gutsy Texas middle school team.


Here is some gorgeous time-lapse photography from the southwestern United States.

google adsense, more like ad-nonsense

Google is very diligent at parsing all the breadcrumb trails of my online existence. Lately however, I’ve been finding myself confronted with ads for goods and services I already own or use, and don’t help to be promoted over and over again.

Engagement and wedding band ads are no longer relevant, having already purchased from the very shops placing such ads. Google is smart enough to know I was looking for them, but not smart enough to know I’m not anymore.

Having received more emails from my bank recently, I’m now seeing ads to open accounts that I already carry.

Believe it or not, I don’t mind reasonable advertising. It’s been a small price to pay for the services I get online, but targeting me with ads for things I don’t need can’t be a good value for advertisers.

manage your own social media

The key to a successful social media presence is “authenticity.” Be real and be honest – not to mention, be careful.

glad flash is on the decline

When I see this:

You must have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to view this site.

I read it as:

You must hamstring your computer with Adobe Flash Player in order to fully subject yourself to this abomination.

To be fair, it isn’t all Adobe’s fault. Much of it stems from years of having their platform abused by “web designers” who couldn’t tell Caslon from Comic Sans. However, it makes me happy to see such warnings less frequently.

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