picture views

Today I got 1,940 pictures viewed on my flickr account. Apparently people like looking at wedding pictures. That just about doubles my record for one day of views. Maybe I’ll have some Halloween party pictures up later this weekend.

wedding photos

I posted a few (378) pictures from Chris and Yurikas’ wedding on my flickr account:


I’ll be uploading some of the best shots to facebook soon if that’s your preferred way to view photos.

way back machine

Has everyone seen this? It lets you travel through time… on the internet. So, you know how you surf the web? Well there are these computers called webcrawlers that have been built to surf the web too. Basically they follow the links that are on websites and “crawl” themselves around the internet (this is how sites like Google pick up data used for search information). Well, it just so happens some people decided they wanted to make webcrawlers that saved all the pages they came across and dated them for future access.

Hence, the way back machine. It allows you to enter a web address and view a site as it was, sometimes more than a decade ago. Granted, it isn’t perfect. Web technology has had many significant iterations since AOL ruled with an iron fist. Many sites have a lot of missing data, or don’t work at all. But if you have some favorite sites, it might be interesting to take a look back and see how far things have come in your internet neighborhood.

dot com

Welcome to chuckskoda.com! There was a deal for $1.99 web domains, so I bought a couple. I also have registered skodaphotography.com, though the site is currently just parked by the domain registrar. Now you can’t forget where to find the site!

@skoda on App.net @technochocolate on App.net