balcony view

This is the night view off the right side of our balcony in Bellevue. You can see one of many construction cranes all around the city in the upper right of the picture. Work is still going.. Next week is the showdown. Trial by fire. I’m excited to see what we pull off. There are a handful of other random pictures I added to flickr too if you are interested. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

game videos

A few links to new videos of our game that were recently posted online just flew around the office. I thought I would post them up here for interested parties. If you still don’t have a good idea of what our game is about these will certainly help you get a taste of it.

Let me know what you think.


I did a few experiments last night with the exposure settings on my camera. You can check them out on my flickr account. This one turned out great. It was a multi-second exposure in very low light with no flash. If you download the largest size, you can even read the serial number for the guitar.

Update: Okay, I didn’t realize flickr doesn’t let you download the full size photo. Maybe it’s because I haven’t paid for the pro user account. Regardless, you can tell the picture is sharp and clear considering the low light it was taken in.

new camera

I’ve been recently having a lot more fun taking pictures. So, I felt it was time for a camera upgrade. A lot has happened to digital cameras in the four years since I bought my last one. I looked at getting a Digital SLR with all the fancy features that I could learn to use. But I realized I would end up spending more money than I should right now. So I opted instead for another point-and-shoot digital the Canon PowerShot SD750.

I think there will be a lot more opportunities for good pictures in the next few weeks and months, especially my upcoming trip to Hawaii. Hopefully I’ll get some cookin’ pictures of me and my friends in our snazzy threads at the 50’s themed GC Gathering tonight. Keep your eye on my flickr account.

coolest promotion ever

IGN just posted a huge promotion for our game. It’s a flash port of the actual draw mode from our game. It’s actually
quite good, nearly identical to draw mode in the game. Someone’s design will end up in the game as one of the template characters you can choose. Any artists in the house want to give it a try?

Update: Ryan tried to convince me of his amazing drawing ability with this screenshot he sent me.

Update 2: If you have a digg account please digg this story. We’re trying to get as wide exposure as possible for the game. Thanks.

hawaii it is

It looks like the week I’m going to have off I will be going to Kauai. Ah, the sacrifices of being a videogame programmer. Actually I’m quite pumped. It’s been a good year and a half since I’ve seen Dan, and I’ve never seen him in his natural habitat. It will be a great time.

crunch time

You thought I was spending a lot of time just because I was working on Saturday’s? Ha! We are really in crunch mode now. I’m going to be working about 9am to 11pm for the next two and a half weeks or so. But we’re going to have a week off afterwards. Maybe I can finally take that trip to Hawaii I’ve been talking about. Aloha.

hiking trip

I went with a group on Saturday with some of my friends from church to Snoqualmie Falls. We went on the short hike down to the bottom of the falls and back. It was a good time. I took a lot of pictures you can check out on my flickr account. I definitely hope we do more fun stuff outside this year. I’m hoping someone can organize a camping or fishing trip of some sort. But maybe I should take some initiative and be that someone. Praise God for the beautiful weather. Adieu.

new server

Updated: My site address changed again to

My friend Ryan has a new server. And this page is on it right now. For most of you this means very little, except that there is a new address to access my page at: I think that’s a little easier to remember. You might have also noticed I added some convenient search boxes to the left of the screen. There are no buttons to activate them. I know this is way out there, but you have to hit [Enter] to activate the search. Hope you find them useful. Later.

well that was fast

Just a short number of hours after the press release updated their Nintendo DS page with a preview of our game. So you can check it out first hand. Let me know what you think.

game announced, officially this time

In a press release from THQ this morning, Drawn To Life was officially announced. What does this mean? Not much, except that they can stake their reputation on announcing their plans to release it. And it’s no longer a secret that they, THQ, are the publisher. It also should mean that more promotional materials (screenshots, previews, etc.) should start to pop up on the internet’s wealth of gaming websites. There is some new information about the game in the press release, so be sure to check it out. Game on.

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