anyone have a spare car

If you haven’t heard already, my car was stolen for a second consecutive year. However, this time it wasn’t found two days (or weeks) later. My most preferable option would be to buy a car outright in the mid-to-low thousand dollar range (I don’t need another monthly payment). If you or anyone you know is getting rid of a car that fits this description I would love to hear about it.

i have moved

I moved yesterday. My lease was up at my apartment. I’m staying with my friends Brandon and Ryan in their condo which is two blocks from my old place (and two blocks closer to work). I’m looking forward to living with friends again. My own place was starting to get a little boring. Shout out to Zach(ary) and Fetu(ao) for helping me move. Although, they’ll probably never read this as they only use the internet to do things like check on how the NFL draft is going. Marilyn Hickey was at church this weekend and is speaking again tonight. I’m planning to go, albeit a little late due to work. Peace.

external blogs now on virb

This is sweet. The long awaited feature is now here. You can have your external blog (with an rss or atom feed) post to virb. So I can now blog in one place and my virb account will pick up the same posts as my regular blog automatically. Virb’s integration with other web stuff keeps getting better and better. I’d say the image gallery integration is pretty sweet, and it’s pretty much just as easy to add any of your other accounts as well, whether it’s youtube, google video, etc. My website has been pretty lame for a while, but I’m thinking of giving it a little work now that I can dual purpose my posts and have it mainly be a blog. There will probably be some more changes coming soon.

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